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Stale Shows

Shows in general are getting old.  Some are even leaving, like Lost.  With NBC in shambles and basically out of the ratings picture besides Thursday nights, the other big networks are left to battle for the wandering viewers.  The cable networks are actually capitalizing on these “lost” viewers, coming up with new shows like Burn Notice and Caprica.  But while we might give the new shows a couple of episodes or a season trial, we still want the “lock-of-the-week”, a show or shows that we know will leave us satisfied.  But it seems like the industry is transitioning.  There are new shows, new players and its just coming down to attrition.  It’s only a matter of time before series like 24 and others fade out into the distance.

24 is getting old, there’s no doubt about it.  There are only so many times that Jack Bauer can save the world.  He’s fought the Russians, the eastern Europeans, the Arabs, the Chinese.  The only thing that is left for him to conquer is global warming.  I like how they’ve retained Elisha Cuthbert and Mary Lynn Rajskub.  But unlike Chloe O’Brien, Cuthbert’s character really brings nothing to the table, except for the fact that she’s Jack’s daughter.  The show’s producers are trying to show a different side of Bauer, a softer, more family-oriented person.  But they will never be able to get away from the fact that he is a stone-cold killer.  And viewers will want to see that action of him killing five guys with three bullets over some sappy romance that seems to be budding with him and Agent Walker.

CSI’s experiment with Morpheus has helped it tread water for a little bit.  But still, ratings have slipped and it is no longer the top show on television.  I think what might help it come back is the reappearance of Grissom, something that I think they are setting up for the season finale.  In the show there has been more reference to him and more questions being asked towards Sara as well.  But to the show’s credit, they still come up with ingenious storylines that still have me coming back week after week after week.

Because of these shows dying off, more people are turning to cable networks.  The distribution of power is trickling down and is being more evenly distributed.  Plus, more people are turning to HBO and Cinemax for original series since those channels allow more blood, swearing, and sex.  I’m convinced that every single idea that has ever been imagined in human history has been made into a television show.  We are out of good ideas.  But this is why the television executives are paid the big bucks–they come up with ideas that the people want to see.  Let’s get more shows like the ones on FX, ones that push the lines of both morality and the television content rating system.  Gone are the days where conservative television reigned supreme.  Execs need to get with the times if they want to keep making money off successful shows.

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