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RIP Jack Bauer

Oh Jack Bauer, how will I live without thee?  It was a great run, maybe one of the best in recent history (along with CSI).  But in the end it wasn’t a terrorist or dirty nuke that killed of Jack, it was a matter of 0’s.  Expenditures and licensing fees were just too much for Fox to tolerate and I heard that a rumor had become a reality today.  We thought that Chuck Norris was the hardest guy out there but he wasn’t really my era.  Yeah I’ve seen a few of his movies but I believe that Jack could take him down.  It’s amazing how magnetic his character was, especially in the early seasons.

The show had one thing going for it and as bad as it sounds, we needed someone to represent how we were feeling after 9/11.  America needed a bad-ass who would go renegade killing anyone who stood in his way.  His shoot first, ask later credo was not only accepted but also promoted by producers and reinforced by us.  Jokes about what the over/under on his kill  count per night would be, how many times he would interrogate someone, all that is out the window, a distant memory now.  I loved the way he would take matters into his own had for the betterment of the country.  While it might’ve been selfish at the time, he always put his country first.  Maybe I’m making too much out of this message, but I thought and still think it is an important asset to the show.  We are still the world’s superpower and need keep programs with this propaganda alive.

But that same renegade archetype that I loved also grew wearisome.  We as viewers knew what was coming even before Jack was on the prowl.  There were only so many enemies and storylines that could be written to keep us intrigued and I simply think they ran out of antagonists.  They already hit on the Eastern block, the Arabs, Chinese, North Koreans, African armies, and now Russians.  That’s pretty much covering the globe when it comes to baddies.  Although if Jack could somehow battle the smoke monster/Bad Locke, now that would be interesting.

Writers are showing a completely different side of JB this season and it really gave the feel that even he was growing tired of the old interrogate and kill line.  With half the day complete, things will be relatively calm for the next few, then they will drop a storyline bomb on us for one last twist.  I think in the end he and Agent Walker will go off into the sunset and he’ll be more of a family guy.

It was a phenomenal show over the last eight seasons.  I can’t wait for the movie to come out.  I believe that even more storylines will be tied up in that and we might even see some previous season characters come back to help out.  Who knows, maybe Tony might even come back from the dead (again)!

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