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24 Season 7 Episode 5: 12:00pm – 1:00pm


24 is a show that’s anything but predictable. The 5th episode of season 7 reveals the shocking details about how the president’s son died, and again it was anything but predictable (or at least I didn’t see this one coming).

Spoilers Ahead!

In the 5th episode of 24 Season 7 which takes place between 12 and 1pm, Jack continues to take matters into his own hands, successfully helping to kidnap Prime Minister Motobo. Motobo and his wife locked themselves up in the safe room, making it impossible for Jack to physically get to them. Jack devises a plan to “smoke them out” by combining common household chemicals to create deadly ammonia based gas. Motobo is ready to die before giving himself up, but his wife opens the door and the “terrorist” crew storms the room, successfully capturing them.

Henry Taylor attempts to retrieve information about his son’s death off the Flash drive he received from Samantha. He entrust Gedge to help him do so (Gedge claimed he had a friend that could help) but then soon finds out he was duped and that Gedge killed his son. It may be too late however as Taylor finds himself face to face with death.

Meanwhile, while Jack and the gang are leaving, Agent walker is captured. After determining that she doesn’t have any useful information Emerson gets orders to kill her before they drop off Motobo. The van takes a slight detour to a construction site and Emerson tells Jack to kill her. Jack manages to get Walker to fake her death as he shoots right past her head, creating the illusion that he shot her in the head. Emerson then tells Jack and Tony to bury her before they leave.

As always, I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode. Let the predictions begin!

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