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24 Season 7 Episode 4: 11:00am – 12:00am

24 Season 7 Episode 4 was the second half of last nights special premiere event. The season really started to pick up during episode 3, and the suspense doesn’t stop in episode 4.

Tony and Jack both get into the terrorist group that has control of the CIP device, after Jack successfully helped Tony break out of the FBI holding cell. Now that Tony is back in the terrorist group and Jack has joined as well, their first mission is to help capture Sangalan Prime Minister Motobo.

Spoilers Ahead!!

Tony and Jack try to capture Prime Minister Motobo but hit a dilemma when the Prime Minister and his wife make it to a safe room and lock themselves in. Jack knows that they need to capture the Prime Minister to have any chance of gaining control of the CIP device, which Dubaku has used to threaten the United States government with.

The FBI learns about the plan to kidnap the Prime Minister and decide to try and trap the kidnappers.

The “First Gentleman” Henry Taylor finds out that his sons murder was orchestrated and covered up by higher ups in Washington, and that one or more of them are part of his wife’s administration.

If you missed the premiere on TV, you can watch the first four episodes of 24 Season 7 now on the official FOX website. Episodes are available to watch in High Definition.

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