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24 Season 7 Episode 3: 10:00am – 11:00am

The second half of the 24 Season 7 premiere aired last night (Episodes 3 and 4), and it didn’t disappoint. If you haven’t been watching Season 7 of 24 from the beginning, Jack was being questioned by the Senate for alleged torture he committed in the past with CTU. During the hearing he was suddenly summoned by the FBI to help with a case involving a terrorist threat against the computer network controlling all aspects of the United States government and utilities. Tony Almeida, who was an old friend of Jacks seemed to be behind the plot and Jack helped the FBI bring him in.

Spoilers Ahead!!

Well one thing you learn from watching a lot of 24 is that it’s never that easy. Sometimes I guess you have to take a few steps backward before you can go forward. It turns out that Tony was really an undercover agent working for whats left of CTU, trying to foil the plot against the United States computer networks. Jack finds out but can’t tell anyone of course and now has to help Tony escape from an FBI holding cell.

While trying to help Tony escape, Jack jumps off the second level of a parking garage with a car which then lands on top of a few other cars and then manages to escape from the FBI – it’s pretty ridiculous, but just as badass.

Jack ends up successfully helping Tony escape and now they have to try to get Tony back into a position where he has control of the CIP device and render it useless to the terrorists.

We also find out that the terrorists behind the network attacks and threats are connected with the opposition force in Sangala, which the president was about to order a military strike on. The terrorists demand that the president withdraws U.S. forces from the area. They insist that if she fails to do so, they will kill innocent Americans using the CIP device.

The new season is really starting to heat up and I can’t wait for next weeks episode.

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