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24 Season 7 Episode 14: 8:00pm – 9:00pm

242We start out the episode with President Taylor and Olivia. After a lot of back and forth, they manage to come together and put their previous differences aside. At that point, one of Juma’s men arrives and pulls the President away. Jack and Buchanan formulate a plan, with Jack opening CH-4 canisters in the lockdown room before he surrenders. These canisters fill the room with natural gas, so that they can ignite them and rescue the President.

The President orders Juma to release the hostages before she’ll read the statement. As a response, Juma shoots a hostage and says that the rest will die if she doesn’t listen. She reads the statement , and while watching the VP gets a call from Larry who tries to persuade him to authorize a rescue. The VP refuses.

Buchanan lets Jack know that Juma’s not working alone and that he has to find out who it is. He then dives for the lockdown door and gets of the shot, triggering the CH-4 explosion we talked about earlier. Jack goes into badass mode, with Larry ordering his men to move in under his authority, ignoring the VP’s protests. Aaron Pierce manages to move the President and Olivia away to safety. Juma’s men are cut down and Jack kills Juma. Running back to the lockdown room, he finds Bill Buchanan, who was killed in the explosion.

The FBI wishes to move the President to Andrews Air Force base for her safety, but she insists on staying in the White House. Jack is near Bill’s body, looking very guilty despite Renee’s attempts to comfort him with the fact that the President is secure. Jack tells Renee and Larry that Juma wasn’t working alone and wants to speak to Ryan Burnett. Ethan is called in and orders Larry not to take Jack back into custody. Larry isn’t too happy about this and has her suspended.

In Starkwood, there are targets found along the eastern seaboard within 300 kilometers of the base. A memo is intercepted from the FBI regarding Jack’s release, and Quinn is dispatched to the hospital to “deal with the problem.” Jack and Larry arrive at the hospital, where Quinn smothers a man to cause a distraction and downloads the schematics of the building.

Olivia visits Aaron Pierce to thank him, and Ethan finds her and offers her the Special Advisor job. She accepts, and then blames Ethan for allowing the corruption under his nose. Ethan is offended of course, but Olivia vows to find those responsible. Back at the hospital Jack is alone with Burnett and he’s about to confess when Quinn opens the panel and drops nerve gas down. Quinn drops in and cuts Burnett’s throat, then smashes the room’s security and leaves through the roof. Regaining his senses, Jack pursues Quinn. They successfully set Jack up and make it look like he was the one who killed Burnett, and once again jack is on the run.

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