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24 Season 7 Episode 12: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

24This week, we start with Olivia Taylor, who naturally wants to see her father, who’s in the hospital. Aaron Pierce manages to dissuade her as her mother has ordered her to stay away for security reasons. The president, panic be damned, decides she wants to tell the public about a looming second attack. Larry gets her on the horn and informs her that Juma is involved and that he no longer has contact with Renee.

Renee, for her part, climbs out of the Potomac, where she finds a park ranger and tells him to sound the alarm that an imminent terrorist attack at the white house. Unfortunately he doesn’t get the chance when Laurent guns the ranger down in cold blood. Laurent goes after her after Renee flees. Meanwhile jack’s still stuck in a holding cell and he begs Bill Buchanan to force Burnett to talk, but he refuses.

With the help of the mole, Juma and his men are led inside the White House. They kill the remaining Secret Service and have about nine minutes to get to the president and assassinate her. Laurent finds Renee, but is then shot by Larry and some of the FBi who showed up to help. Renee lets them know she knows who Juma’s target is.

Bill is informed that the White House is the target and he uncuffs Jack and tells him to do what he says to the letter. They split up, with Jack leading hte¬† president into Lockdown. Bill runs off with the President’s tracker and succesfully distraccts Juma long enough for them to make it into lockdown. Unfortuantely for the president, her security doors close before her daughter can get isnide as well.Juma then blocks all communications into the lock down room. The Secret Service, meanwhile are coming down into Juma’s men. Juma tries to claim that he has the president and will kill her if they don’t back off, which of course they do.

So it’s a race against time as Aaron Pierce realizes that Juma is bluffing and needs to get that information to the Secret Service before it’s too late. Juma’s second in command says that they can get inside the lock down but it’ll take 15 minutes. Jack looks at the faces of the closed circuit monitor for Olivia, but no sign of her. Jack quickly realizes that someone had to have let Juma and his men in, and that they’re all on a suicide mission.

While Ngozi tries to break in, Jack shorts out the lock. Explosives would take too long to get in, so Juma calles Jonas Hodges of Stockwood, who says he isn’t going to help, but is pressured into giving him the idea to obtain olivia Taylor to force the president to open the doors.Larry and Renee urge the VP, Hayworth, to give clearance to retake the building, but he refuses to act. Aaron tries to get to a window with a signal but is shot en route and both him and Olivia are captusred.

Ngozi brings Olivia to a camera and tells the President she has to open the door or she’s dead. Jack tries to get her not to, but she orders him to open the door just as Juma is about cut out her eyes. Jack is led over to sit with the other hostages and the President asks Juma to release them. Juma slaps her and tells her to shut up because he doesn’t give the orders anymore. Juma then commands Udo to get the camera ready so that the President can make a statement. Her last, to be exact.

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