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24 Season 7: 9:00pm – 10:00pm

243So now we have Jack, who’s once again a fugitive, heading for the garage to make his escape. Morris O’Brian shows up at the FBI wanting to know where his wife is. He finds that Chloe has been arrested. Larry calls Janis and then tells her that Ryan Burnett was killed, and our main man Jack is the best lead they have for a suspect.  Renee is filing paperwork for her suspension, and asks what’s going on.

Renee goes back to her office where Jack calls and, as you might expect, explains he is innocent. Thankfully, Jack took a surveillance DVD from the hospital security. He e-mails her a screen of Quinn.

Quinn then gets Hodges on the phone and informs him that Jack got away. Hodges doesn’t really care since the “shipment” from Juma will arrive soon. They’ll deploy the weapons so that it doesn’t matter who finds out. Hodges goes on to insist that they’re in a war and they need to do what is necessary to get the job done.

Renee then gets Jack on the phone and informs him that Quinn works for Starkwood, which is a private military organization. A Senator has been investigating the firm and she tells Jack to have a chat with him. Renee gives him the current location of the Senator. Then Larry walks in and has Janis track Renee’s phone workstation. Renee will lead them to Jack.

The President is preparing to address the nation when Ethan arrives and explains what happened with Jack at the hospital. He also admits his involvement in Jack’s plan. Meanwhile Renee is arrested by Larry. Jack confronts Senator Mayer in his house, who doesn’t recognize Quinn. Mayer says that Starkwood is connected to Juma or Sangala. Jack wants him to give him the case files for the investigation.

The President addresses the nation and a news reporter asks Ethan for a statement regarding Jack Bauer. The reporter also goes on to ask about his involvement. It turns out Olivia leaked this information to the press. Etahn isn’t too pleased about this and confronts Olivia.

Janis has a rough time decoding Renee’s workstation and gets Morris to help, who does if Chloe gets full immunity. Larry agrees. Morris then decrypts the files and finds Jack’s location, and Larry sends the SWAT teams in after him. Morris is back with Chloe again.

Jack is going through Mayer’s files and finds that Juma tested a bioweapon against his own people. Starkwood was somehow involved and wanted the bioweapons to fight against Mayer’s attempts to bring them down. Just then Quinn shows up and shoots the Senator. Jack runs away.

Olivia meets with the President and Ethan. She says that she was not in fact the leak and CNB news confirmed it was not from the White House. Ethan apologizes to Olivia since he’s an idiot.

Quinn, meanwhile, is still chasing after Jack and they end up at a construction site. He catches up to Jack, who ends up killing Quinn with a screwdriver, but not until he finds a text message on Quinn’s phone that identifies the possible location of the weapons.

Larry calls Janis and says that Jack murdered the Senator and that they’ll kill him on sight from here out. Jack uses Quinn’s phone to call Tony Almeida for help and Jack asks him to bring weapons and surveillance to the Port of Alexandria. Cue dramatic music!

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