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24 Season 7: 11:00pm – 12:00am

241As we found out in the last episode, Jack has been contaminated, and the CDC shows up to find out exactly what he’s been into. He’s not yet showing any symptoms, which is rather ominous of what’s to come. Testing will take about 15 minutes, and in the interim jack wants to go to the FBI.

Meanwhile, the canisters filled with the bioweapon show up at Starkwood, as does Tony, who was previously captured. Hodges wants the weapon to be deployed yesterday and two hours to set it up is too long. Unsurprisingly, Tony gets beat up a bit, and Hodges says he will keep him alive if he talks, but Tony refuses (I’m sure he was doubtful as to whether he’ll actually be kept alive). Greg Seaton shows up and wants the plan to be called off, but Hodges is determined to go through with it.

Back at the White House, our newly found leak, Olivia, recommends Rick Berman to replace Ethan for Chief of Staff. The President says she wants Olivia to do the job while the replacement search is on, and she agrees. Larry calls the President to let her knwo Jack was (surprise!) innocent, and that Starkwood is behind the terrorist attacks. They begin to prepare to strike at Starkwood. Larry also lets go of Renee and wants her to bring Jack up to speed. He even apologizes for not trusting her, as does she in turn. Olivia meets with Aaron Pierce and asks him to be in charge of her security detail. She wants him reinstated, but he is reluctant about it. The bioweapon gets identified as an agent that will attack the brain and nervous system and kills the average person within a day or two, and no cure is on the horizon.

Tony still isn’t talking, and Stokes has had enough and about to blow his head off when Greg Seaton busts in and shoots him. Seaton is convinced that Hodges has completely lost it and he lets Tony go. Both of them ehad into Seaton’s office and then Hodges calls. Seaton tells him that they’re still trying to get Tony to talk, and Hodges wants Seaton to report to him. Then they call the FBI, where Seaton wants immunity in exchange for the bioweapon location. Larry needs to ask the President first, but he updates Tony on Jack’s “condition,” aka impending demise. Jack gets his report as well, he’s infected, but not contagious. Some bioweapon that is!

The President and Olivia both watch pretty awful footage of a bioweapon being tested on people in Sangala. The President then gives Larry authorization to move on Starkwood and agrees to pardon Seaton. Seaton then gives the location where the canisters are stored, and it will take the FBI 10 minutes to get there. Renee asks Seaton to get Tony to the warehouse. Jack wants to go, but as you might expect being a dead man walking probably isn’t the best idea in the field. Seaton brings Tony inside the warehouse, where Hidges and his security team are working on the bioweapon. They have about an hour before it is ready to go. Larry tells Starkwood’s air tower to let them in by executive order.

Hodges hears the helicopters coming and Larry blows open the doors. The FBI team enters but no one is there. Larry isn’t too pleased at this development, but Seaton doesn’t know where they went. Larry doesn’t believe him. Hodges, meanwhile, looks at the scene through a security monitor at a totally different warehouse. Larry moves the FBI out and keeps searching, but they’re met by a team led by Stokes, who I guess isn’t dead. Neither group appears to back down, and we’re left at a stand off situation.

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