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24 Season 7: 10:00pm – 11:00pm

244The FBI is still on the look out for Jack, and Larry gets on the horn to talk to Ethan and informs him that Mayer (the Senator) dead. Unfortunately for Jack, they think that he killed him. Ethan isn’t pleased at all with Larry letting Jack get away and murdering the Senator.  Larry points out that he told Ethan to leave Jack out of this in the first place.  Realizing this, Ethan submits his resignation.

The President’s husband is still recovering and she tries to convince Ethan to decide against resigning, but he’s convinced that his poor judgment has tarnished her administration.

Jack calls Tony and notifies him that a bioweapon that Starkwood is about to get it’s hands on will be used to kill U.S. civilians so that it looks like Starkwood is providing necessary protection. Jack thinks the weapon is at the port, but there’s only one security officer there. Carl is talking to his pregnant wife when Jack and Tony meet up and disarm him.

Hodges is told that Quinn hasn’t been heard from. He addresses the board and tells them to stop cooperating with the government. Don’t answer anymore subpoenas, and points out that Starkwood will be a vital too in protecting the U.S. in the future.  Hodges pretty much admits that he was involved in Senator Mayer’s death to the board’s chairman.

Back at the port, Carl explains to Jack and Tony that he’s trying to make extra cash for his soon to be twins. He was supposed to aid the men smuggle in some cargo, which he thought were bringing in electronics. They’re not there yet, and Jack tries to get in touch with the FBI, no go there as communication is out. They force Carl to help them out. Tony tells jack he knows Carl is pretty much a dead guy.

Olivia apologies to Ethan about his resignation, though she agrees that it’s best for the president. Ethan apologized in turn for saying she was a leak to the press. He goes on to to tell her that the President needs to do what’s right for the people. She then calls the White House reporter to inform him that he can run the story about Ethan and Jack. Bam, she’s the leak.

At the port, Jack refuses to move out with his friend Carl, who he said he would protect. He can’t let anyone else die because of his actions. One of the men he’s supposed to meet leads off Carl to be executed, but Jack saves him despite Tony’s protests. Time for plan B, which is steal the truck. The dead executioner is found and Tony and Jack open fire. Jack jumps on the truck and prepares to drive away when he hears Tony has been caught. He then calls larry and asks him to put teams together at the weigh station.

Jack gets him off the phone, but quickly realizes one of the containers has broken open and the gas is leaking out. He manages to hammer the leak closed. Then Starkwood shows up with gunmen and a helicopter, and they take the bioweapon away. Jack calls larry and tells him Starkwood has the weapon, but Larry can’t just go barging in to a private compound. Jack says he has the evidence, himself.

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